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February 13, 2017
by Mrs Pringle

Welcome to Year Six!

What an awesome start to the year our super Year Six students have had! We’ve enjoyed getting to know the students from all four grades during various team building rotations. In addition, it has been fantastic to observe the positive manner in which they have interacted with each other. We have no doubt a great year is ahead for all! 🙂


As Year Six is an extremely jam-packed year, we have instructed all the students to make good use of their diaries to stay on top of everything. We encourage students to take as much ownership and initiative as possible for knowing about upcoming events, returning notices and meeting deadlines. Developing good organisational skills is extremely important in preparation for secondary school. Your support with this is much appreciated.


Could we please ask that all students bring a box of tissues to stock our classroom supplies before sniffle season is upon us!


We look forward to meeting you at the upcoming Information Night on Wednesday 15th February or at ‘Meet the Teacher’ from Tuesday 21st to Thursday 23rd February.


Year Six Teachers

Fiona Pringle, Zoe Zapantis, Charlotte Quarmby, Mark Fittolani





November 25, 2016
by MrMoore

Market Week

Over the past few weeks, the Year 6 students have been learning about economics and how to run a business. This has been in preparation for our highly anticipated Market Week. More specifically, students have learnt about budgeting, profit and loss, expenditure and marketing. It has culminated in the students working together to plan, organise and run a food, games or activity stall for the younger students.  There was an incredible range of stalls that included nail painting, milkshakes, Sponge the Teacher, a disco, Teachers’ Café and everything in between!


It is fair to say that Market Week was incredibly successful! We are so proud of how the students worked together and showed great responsibility and organisation. There hard work paid off though and they were able to earn enough money to enjoy a fun day of celebrations in a couple of weeks time. We also realise how fortunate we are and plan to donate some of the it to charities to help those in need.

img_5879 img_5896 img_5910 img_5916

November 17, 2016
by MrMoore

Market Week

As part of our Economics unit, the Year 6 students have been engaged in setting up their business stalls for Market Week. It is to be held Tuesday 22nd November to Friday 25th November.  The students have been working collaboratively with their peers to prepare an appropriate business plan and, using their entrepreneurial and mathematical skills to complete financial modelling to help determine pricing structures and projected profitability for their businesses.

The students are excited and are ready for business!! We hope to see you all next week at the stalls.

November 11, 2016
by MrMoore


Over the last two weeks our Year 6 students have been learning about debating. We have discussed the roles of each speaker and how a debate is conducted. The students then chose and researched their topics. They came up with some great ideas such as ‘happiness is more important than money’ and ‘everyone should be a vegan’. The students then performed their debates to their class. There were some impressive performances that were well researched and very persuasive; we might have some future lawyers and politicians on our hands. Each class has chosen a team of debaters to perform next week in front of the Year 3 students and the rest of the Year 6. We can’t wait to watch their presentations.

The Year 6 team.

November 9, 2016
by MrMoore

Market Week

Dear Parents / Guardians,

There is only two more weeks until LPS’s Market Week. This term the Year 6 students have been learning about economics. We have worked hard to create stalls selling many goods and services. Some of the exciting games on offer include mini-hoop basketball, soccer top targets, coin toss games, ping pong games and paper plane throwing competitions. Some of the fabulous products on offer include popcorn, baked goods, snow cones, milkshakes and fairy floss. Prices range from 50c to $2 per activity/product. Most children do like to buy something, but if you do not want your child to buy anything, do not send any money. We do talk about families being different and people having different treats. Please make sure money is in a named purse or bag, (ziplock is fine), as change is easy to lose and this causes distress.

The stalls will be held during lunchtimes in Week 8 of term and each year level has an allocated day of when they can attend.

Year 1 & 2 – Tuesday 22nd Nov

Year 3 & 4  – Wednesday 23rd Nov

Year 5 – Thursday 24th Nov

Prep – Friday 25th Nov


The money raised from the stalls will contribute to the end of year celebrations for the Year 6s. We look forward to seeing the students there!


The Year 6 teachers and students.

November 4, 2016
by MrMoore

Graduation Dress Code

With the excitement building already for Graduation, the Year 6 teachers thought it would be a good idea to give parents and students alike an idea of what is expected in terms of dress code for the night.

Overall, the idea is “Neat Casual”. We’ve developed some guidelines below to help give an idea for both parents and students, but if there are any specific questions please feel free to bring a photo of the outfit to your teacher for final approval.


Dress shorts, pants or jeans

Button up shirts (short or long sleeve) or nice T-Shirts

Shoes – everything is fine except old runners or thongs

No boardies, sport shorts or tracksuit pants/shorts

No singlets


No Heels or Wedges (kitten heels of approximately 1 inch are OK)

No Off the Shoulder dresses

Skirts and dresses should be just above the knee in length

No midriff or see through lace, if the dress has cut-outs please see your teacher for confirmation.

“Spaghetti Straps” are fine

November 4, 2016
by MrMoore

Spring Racing is here!

This week marked another Year 6 milestone event… OAKS DAY! Each year on Oaks Day, the Year 6 students get dressed up in their finest racing attire, pack a picnic lunch to share with their peers and parade their outfits for the rest of the school to see. Amidst all of the fascinators, fancy hats, ties, suits, horses, jockeys and beautiful dresses, there was definitely a feeling of excitement in the air! To top it off, Melbourne turned on some amazing weather so everyone could enjoy the parade in the sunshine.

In the lead up to this event, the students learnt about chance, data and statistics in relation to the Spring Racing Carnival. Students spoke about different words associated with chance (such as likely, probable, uncommon, 50/50) and conducted investigations to find out the chance each horse had of winning the Oaks Day event. They researched data about previous race day attendance at Derby Day, Cup Day and Oaks Day and plotted this data on a line graph, drawing conclusions about the trends occurring and the possible reasons for them. Our students were even able to calculate the mean, median and mode of the past 15 winning times. Fun fact: the average finishing time for the winning horse in the Crown Oaks race is 2 minutes and 37 seconds!

The Year 6 team.

oaks-day-1 oaks-day-2

October 31, 2016
by MrMoore

Digital Tech Days

Over the last two weeks the Year 6 students have participated in two ‘Digital Tech Days’. During these days they rotated around the classrooms participating in various activities to help develop different digital tech skills. The students got to make animations, build robots and program them, do gaming and coding, and develop spreadsheets using Excel. It was a great chance for some students to showcase their ICT skills and build new skills as well.

The days were tech-riffic!

tech-day-1 tech-day-3

October 21, 2016
by MrMoore

Discussion texts

For the past two weeks we have been focusing on discussion texts. The purpose of these texts is to present differing opinions, points of view or perspectives on an issue.

The students have been developing their ability to write relevant and clear topic sentences, and to provide counter arguments. In addition we have been learning about bias and the importance of remaining neutral in the introduction.

This week the engagement has been high as the students have each chosen their own topic or issue to explore. Many have undertaken some research to build their knowledge of the topic, enabling them to provide detailed yet balanced arguments.

Some of the chosen topics include whether Australia should have a new flag, would Trump make a good President, should the AFL Grand Final be played in the day or night, should we allow refugees into Australia and are some countries spending too much money on space exploration.

It has been awesome to see so many relevant world issues being considered and debated!


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