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May 3, 2017
by trendy23

Transition Timeline

Fri 12 May Parents/Carers return Application for Year 7 Placement forms to primary schools by this date. Primary Schools are responsible for checking that the form is complete and that the parent’s/carer’s choice is clear.
Thurs 10 Aug Parents/Carers may commence lodging non-placement appeals with secondary schools.

Secondary schools may from this day distribute enrolment, orientation, and any other transition, information to parents/carers of future Year 7 students.

Fri 18Aug Closing date for parents/carers to lodge a non-placement appeal with secondary schools.
Fri 1 Sep Secondary schools notify all parents/carers who have lodged a non-placement appeal with an outcome by this date.
Fri 8 Sep Closing date for parents/carers to lodge a non-placement appeal with the Regional Director where they are unsuccessful with their appeal to the secondary school.
Tue 12 Dec Secondary schools host an Orientation Day for Year 6 students.
Ongoing Secondary schools should accommodate parents/carers who change their mind and/or permanent residential address.

  • Changes may be made up until the last day of Term 4 and there may be both new placement applications and other changes over the Christmas/New Year holidays, including new arrivals from within Victoria, interstate or overseas, and from non-government schools.
  • In a situation where a parent/carer changes from the allocated secondary school, the newly selected secondary school is required to notify the originally allocated secondary school and primary school (where relevant) in order for records to be adjusted.



April 20, 2017
by bbrickhill

Day 3 at Valley Homestead


Today we had a lovely breakfast and headed out to the final rotation activities.  It was great to see students overcoming fears and trying new things.  Some students managed their first abseil.  Others found that they could confidently ride a bike for 10km.  It was still a favorite to ride the flying fox.  After morning tea we all got ready for our trip to the Ovens River in Porepunkah for our raft building activity.  Students were put in groups of 8 to build a raft for a race against the other teams.  After lunch students took turns to pump up three truck sized inner tubes.  This was harder than they thought!  They then took the ropes and planks they were given and designed a raft for the race.  Some designed a raft with the tubes underneath.  Others weaved their ropes to make it sturdy.  One team even made a triangular raft with their inner tubes, ropes and planks!  Then they were ready to race around the floats in the water.  Off they went…. some were successful, some discovered their design was not as strong as they thought!  It was lot of fun in the sun.  Afterwards we came back for some quiet time at camp followed by a lovely roast dinner.


April 19, 2017
by bbrickhill

Day 2 at Valley Homestead

Today was an action packed day.  Breakfast was delicious and definitely a hit with the students.  We got into our activity groups and headed off to the day’s rotations.  One activity was to ride bikes along the rail trail through beautiful farmland.  It was very flat thankfully.  This was good as many of the children had to practice using back-pedal brakes.  Another activity was abseiling.  Having done this in Year 5 many of the students found this a great experience again.  The double flying fox was “awesome” according to the kids.  One child said after getting off it, “this is the best camp ever”.    The vertical drop slide was similar to the one at Questacon in Canberra and was a great challenge.  Most gave it a go.  Students used several other flying foxes to make their way across the aerial obstacle course all completed without touching the ground.  Lunch was a fantastic salad or roll option with lots of choices.  The afternoon saw more activity rotations and an opportunity to have some free time.  During free time some played tennis, footy, cards and others did yoga or just talked with newly made friends.  The campers are looking forward to raft building tomorrow.

April 18, 2017
by bbrickhill

Day 1 at Valley Homestead

After a relaxing bus trip, we arrived in Euroa for morning tea on Tuesday.  The sun had broken through the early morning mist to reveal a beautiful day. Another short bus ride took us to Myrtleford where we again disembarked for a lovely sunny lunch in the park.  Only 5 mins more to the campsite where we met Rhonda who showed us around and explained how things worked.  The children settled happily into their bunk rooms and then we set off as a big group to the afternoon initiative activities. These included”force field”, a blindfolded trust walk, climbing & balancing activities and  some teamwork tasks.  Dinner was a delicious spaghetti bolognese and apple crumble. Mark and Frog led a great bush dance.  The boys and girls even danced as partners!  Milo before bed and the kids settled quickly down to sleep.


February 16, 2017
by Mrs Pringle


Year 6 to Year 7 transition will commence in Term 2. Families will receive documentation from Laburnum P.S outlining their designated state secondary school. This is the closest secondary school from the home address ‘as the crow flies’. All students are guaranteed a place at their designated state school, however, families are able to request up to three schools if they wish. These placements are determined by the secondary school. Private and catholic school requests are also noted on this form, but families should contact the private/catholic school directly prior to the completion of this form. Enquiries about scholarships are to be made directly to the secondary school.  Anyone interested in accelerated programs for their child needs to contact individual schools directly for testing dates. Information we receive will also be posted on the Transition noticeboard near the stairs to the Staffroom. There will be a transition information evening held in Term 2 after the distribution of transition forms.

If you have any further questions regarding this process, please contact Zoe Zapantis.

February 13, 2017
by Mrs Pringle

Welcome to Year Six!

What an awesome start to the year our super Year Six students have had! We’ve enjoyed getting to know the students from all four grades during various team building rotations. In addition, it has been fantastic to observe the positive manner in which they have interacted with each other. We have no doubt a great year is ahead for all! 🙂


As Year Six is an extremely jam-packed year, we have instructed all the students to make good use of their diaries to stay on top of everything. We encourage students to take as much ownership and initiative as possible for knowing about upcoming events, returning notices and meeting deadlines. Developing good organisational skills is extremely important in preparation for secondary school. Your support with this is much appreciated.


Could we please ask that all students bring a box of tissues to stock our classroom supplies before sniffle season is upon us!


We look forward to meeting you at the upcoming Information Night on Wednesday 15th February or at ‘Meet the Teacher’ from Tuesday 21st to Thursday 23rd February.


Year Six Teachers

Fiona Pringle, Zoe Zapantis, Charlotte Quarmby, Mark Fittolani





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