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October 23, 2014
by laurapagram

Dance Like No One’s Watching

Dance     Hip Hop1

Just Dance! “Hip Hop-meets-Grade 6” began with a bang at assembly on Tuesday morning where the entire school performed the ‘Cha Cha Slide’, stomping their feet and wiggling their hips with enormous smiles on their faces. The dancing didn’t end there. All six classes joined together for a special hip hop session during the day in the hall, busting their moves to different tunes. It certainly was a lot of fun.

Poetry has begun in Grade 6 with ballads, limericks and free verse the order of the day. Rhyme battles have broken out across the classes as we learn more about different types of poems and their features.


How many kids can uncomfortably fit in one meter cube? Plenty is what our classes have found out. After we have worked tirelessly to find the area and perimeter of shapes (some odd shapes too!) we turned our attention to volume. Making 1m3 out of rolled up newspaper gave us a great insight into how big 1m3 actually is.  How many times could this 1m3 fit in Mr. Quilty’s class? About 145 is the answer. So if we could fit a max of 5 students from a class in cube we could almost pile the entire school in one classroom stacked on top of each other!

August 22, 2014
by laurapagram

LPS Passport Night

As part of our celebration of Literacy, Numeracy and Science Week, parents are invited to attend the LPS Passport Night on Wednesday August 27th. This is a special information evening where parents undertake a ‘learning journey’ through a variety of sessions of particular interest to them.

These sessions will familiarise you with the language used to explain topics and provide you with strategies and helpful hints on how you can support your child with various aspects of school life.

The evening will begin at 7:15pm in the library where, during our introductory session, you receive a passport and map and select four sessions to attend from the options listed in the attachment below. Each session will go for 12 minutes and the evening will conclude at 8:30pm. At each session on your ‘learning journey’ your passport will be stamped and you will have the opportunity to go into the draw from some fabulous prizes.

We look forward to seeing you on the night!

Laburnum Passport Night Sessions

August 1, 2014
by laurapagram

LPS Passport Open Night

Laburnum Primary School will be opening up the school on the evening of Wednesday 27th August 2014 to give parents an insight into the many facets of their child’s learning. There will be a variety of educational sessions covering topics such as horizontal to vertical multiplication, homework, time management, study habits and parental support, school planning documents, team planning and AusVELS, Digital Excellence program (DEA), Cybersafety, Early Years Literacy, persuasive writing development as part of the school’s strategic plan, PE (Ball catching manipulation and connection to curriculum) Science and even how to use BPay.

These topics will give you an insight into the “what” and the “how” of many aspects of learning that your child encounters in the course of a day at Laburnum Primary School.

You will need to collect your passport and choose your four 12 minute topic sessions and then head to the first session. From there you will have your passport stamped ready to move on to your next session. Once your passport has collected four stamps you can put it into the draw for some AMAZING LPS prizes!

WOW what an incredible opportunity to take advantage of! Come along and join in, we would love to see you be a part of Literacy, Numeracy and Science Week at LPS.

July 18, 2014
by laurapagram

Term Three Kicks Off!

Welcome to Term 3! We have enjoyed hearing about the exciting events that occurred over the holidays with some common activities including visits to Bounce, the cinema to enjoy Rio 2 and the good old sleepover- or should we call it a ‘stay over’ as it seems there wasn’t a lot of sleeping happening!

Some highlights to look forward to this term include the Library Incursion ‘My Life is an Alphabet’, Year 3-6 House Athletics, web design as part of the DEA program, confirmation of secondary school placements as well as Grade 6 Hooptime. With only 9 weeks to go in the term we have already jumped into our Inquiry Unit ‘Who Put You In Charge?’. This unit includes investigations into the establishment of the Australian parliamentary system, preferential voting, referendums, freedoms, rights, responsibilities and debates. It’s wonderful to see the students already starting to get their head around challenging concepts such as democracy through classroom discussions and research. Feel free to have a listen to some student created Vokis which summarise this challenging concept.




In Mathematics we have started our unit in Measurement and Geometry in order to develop our geometric reasoning skills. It’s great to see the students applying their knowledge of angle size to find unknown angles in triangles and quadrilaterals. We are looking forward to exploring the construction of triangles and finding out what congruency is in the coming weeks. Why not check out the classroom hit song ‘Come On Angles, Don’t You Tango With Me’ to brush up on your own skills! Be warned, you might be singing about perpendicular lines for the next few days!


June 16, 2014
by laurapagram

Location and Transformation

After much excitement and exploration we are coming to the end of our ‘location and transformations’ unit. Students have been working hard to cement their understanding of the three transformations; rotation, translation and reflection. We have been impressed with the way students have applied their understandings of these concepts using geometric shapes to create personal tessellations without any gaps or overlaps.

Students have also completed their own Cartesian Coordinates booklet which summaries their learning of this challenging concept. With this new found knowledge, students were able to plot points using the x and y axis, origin and four quadrants. They also created their own pictures and had a peer recreate the design using only the provided coordinates to guide them. The results were outstanding and evidence of the way Year 6 students can apply their learning from the classroom to new situations and to solve real world problems.





May 9, 2014
by laurapagram

Cranium Crackers and Thorough Thinkers

This week our Grade Sixes have been learning how to bend their brains in order to solve word problems using a variety of problem solving strategies. From Drawing a Diagram to Guess and Check, we have been learning how we can recognise when to use which strategy, as well as how to find all the important information in the word problem to help us solve it. We also watched a Ted Talk about how to teach problem solving which generated quite a bit of discussion in the classes. Students debated how much information they needed when it came to problem solving in order to be truly challenged and not ‘spoon fed’ the answer. Overall, the enthusiasm of the students towards this unit has been really impressive so far!


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