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September 19, 2014
by laurapagram

What a wonderful term!

What a week we have had in Grade 6!

It began on Monday with our visit from Boori Monty Pryor, an Indigenous Australian writer who is best known as a story teller. And boy did he tell us some great stories! We learnt about his life growing up in Queensland with multiple brothers and sisters and the hilarious shenanigans they got up to. He also gave us fantastic tips on how to write great stories such as taking pictures to base your story on, audio recording your stories before writing them and editing, editing and more editing!

On Tuesday we had footy day at Laburnum Primary School. A highlight was the assembly where we all were able to walk the ‘catwalk’ with our footy team mates! We had delicious footy day lunch and, of course, the traditional Grade 5 verses Grade 6 girls football game. We were only able to play three-quarters of the match as we were rained out, but everyone was such a fantastic sport. The Grade 6 girls won the match and Lara won the prized Hopcroft medal. Well done to everyone!

That afternoon we had our DEA Assembly and were presented with our gold web design badges after creating informative and engaging websites about the different types of government. A big thankyou to all the parents that attended too!

Today we are off to the Nunawading Basketball stadium for a fun day of teamwork activities involving basketball. We are looking forward to another great day and a brilliant way to end our busy term.

A final note about the Noo Bear notice that went home last week. This is optional and there will be a notice coming home next term to purchase a cheaper bear for your child to sign if you wish.

With the best term of Grade Six to come we hope everyone has an amazing break and we look forward to seeing you all in Term 4!

September 12, 2014
by laurapagram

Get caught up in our creative web… design!

This term the Grade Sixes have been improving their techno-wizardry and learning how to create websites for their next DEA badge. Through learning about Weebly, the students have found out all about how to link pages, embed voki’s, YouTube clips, Adobe Voice clips and Wordles,  as well as create quizzes and blog sections. The topic of investigation has been types of government. Students have been researching and publishing everything there is to know about Democracy, Republics, Communism, Socialism, Monarchy, Theocracy, Totalitarianism and Dictatorships. Each website has been designed with the distinctive personal aesthetic of each group in mind, and as such has delivered a wide range of very appealing and user friendly websites.

They will all decide as a class which ones will be shown to the whole grade level at the DEA Assembly. All the teachers are thoroughly looking forward to seeing the finished products and learning about all the amazing things the students have found out about creating websites. We would encourage you to ask your child for their web address so you can log on and have a look!



In the last week of school will have our DEA Assembly to aknowledge the achievements of everyone for their research skills, creativity and teamwork in developing, designing and producing some very informative web pages about the different types of government as the Grade Sixes work towrads their gold web design badges. The Assembly start at 2:30pm in the Staff Room on Tuesday 16th Septemeber. Parents are encouraged to attend and celebrate the Grade Sixes success so we hope to see you there!

August 29, 2014
by laurapagram

Web Designing for DEA

This term as part of our Digital Excellence Awards the Grade Sixes are working towards their gold web design badges. Using weebly we will create websites to share information about different government styles that are used around the world.

To achieve their gold badge students will need to show that they can:

  •  Add a mini page or gallery to my webpage to allow for multiple images or text on a page
  • Add at least three buttons to my webpage which link to other pages within my webpage
  • Add at least three links within my webpage which link to other webpages outside my webpage
  • Put my button and links in appropriate areas of my webpage that are easy to see and use
  • Upload my own music, movie and document to my webpage where it can be viewed by others
  • Create a webpage that is neat, easy to navigate and appropriate for its purpose
This term for Digital Excellence Awards we would love to involve you and give you the opportunity to share the learning with your child. We have provided the I can statements that the students must achieve in order to be awarded their badge.

The teachers and ICT leaders work with the students to teach them the I can statements and at home your child can show you what they have learnt. You can then change the traffic lights from red to orange, once they have shared their learning with you.

August 22, 2014
by laurapagram

LPS Passport Night

As part of our celebration of Literacy, Numeracy and Science Week, parents are invited to attend the LPS Passport Night on Wednesday August 27th. This is a special information evening where parents undertake a ‘learning journey’ through a variety of sessions of particular interest to them.

These sessions will familiarise you with the language used to explain topics and provide you with strategies and helpful hints on how you can support your child with various aspects of school life.

The evening will begin at 7:15pm in the library where, during our introductory session, you receive a passport and map and select four sessions to attend from the options listed in the attachment below. Each session will go for 12 minutes and the evening will conclude at 8:30pm. At each session on your ‘learning journey’ your passport will be stamped and you will have the opportunity to go into the draw from some fabulous prizes.

We look forward to seeing you on the night!

Laburnum Passport Night Sessions

August 22, 2014
by laurapagram

Cyber Safety

Lock down your privacy settings, be aware of geo tagging and steer clear of some apps… ‘Net-Nasties’ will be no match for our Grade 6 students after our cyber safety incursion with Tracey this week and everyone involved- students, parents and teachers- left with some really valuable tips and reminders to being safe on the internet.

 Remember that:

  • Those ‘randoms’ that follow, request and contact us aren’t always who their profile says they are. Whilst boosting your numbers might make you appear popular you need to think “Is that the sort of person I want to be friends with?” and “Why do they want to be friends with me?
  • You should only be ‘friends’ with people that you have actually met.
  • There are age restrictions on apps and we need to be using them safely. Make sure when you download an app it is age appropriate.
  • What you post lasts forever! Think of the ‘Nanna Rule’ and would she be happy with what you are about to post. Always STOP and THINK before you CLICK and SEND.
  • Most apps automatically set the privacy settings to public so each time you download a new app you need to be going in and changing the access from public to private to make sure you are only sharing things with people you know.
  • You need to make sure that you turn off your location services to be as safe as possible especially when sending messages, images or videos on social media.

Tracey also shared ‘S.T.A.R.S‘ with the students as a buzz word for when they need to talk about something important that is worrying them especially in relation to social media and cyber safety. It stands for Someone to Talk to and Always Remain Safe. Hopefully you have been able to talk to your child about all of the valuable information that was shared but, if not, take a moment to talk to them and see what they took away from the session.

August 1, 2014
by laurapagram

Online Safety Evening

Dear Parents and Carers,

Please come along to our Student Online Safety Presentation on Monday the 18th of August.The presentation will be at 7:30pm-8:30pm in the Staff Community Centre.Please see the attached flyer for more information.

Thank-youStudent Online Safety Flyer

August 1, 2014
by laurapagram

LPS Passport Open Night

Laburnum Primary School will be opening up the school on the evening of Wednesday 27th August 2014 to give parents an insight into the many facets of their child’s learning. There will be a variety of educational sessions covering topics such as horizontal to vertical multiplication, homework, time management, study habits and parental support, school planning documents, team planning and AusVELS, Digital Excellence program (DEA), Cybersafety, Early Years Literacy, persuasive writing development as part of the school’s strategic plan, PE (Ball catching manipulation and connection to curriculum) Science and even how to use BPay.

These topics will give you an insight into the “what” and the “how” of many aspects of learning that your child encounters in the course of a day at Laburnum Primary School.

You will need to collect your passport and choose your four 12 minute topic sessions and then head to the first session. From there you will have your passport stamped ready to move on to your next session. Once your passport has collected four stamps you can put it into the draw for some AMAZING LPS prizes!

WOW what an incredible opportunity to take advantage of! Come along and join in, we would love to see you be a part of Literacy, Numeracy and Science Week at LPS.

July 18, 2014
by laurapagram

Term Three Kicks Off!

Welcome to Term 3! We have enjoyed hearing about the exciting events that occurred over the holidays with some common activities including visits to Bounce, the cinema to enjoy Rio 2 and the good old sleepover- or should we call it a ‘stay over’ as it seems there wasn’t a lot of sleeping happening!

Some highlights to look forward to this term include the Library Incursion ‘My Life is an Alphabet’, Year 3-6 House Athletics, web design as part of the DEA program, confirmation of secondary school placements as well as Grade 6 Hooptime. With only 9 weeks to go in the term we have already jumped into our Inquiry Unit ‘Who Put You In Charge?’. This unit includes investigations into the establishment of the Australian parliamentary system, preferential voting, referendums, freedoms, rights, responsibilities and debates. It’s wonderful to see the students already starting to get their head around challenging concepts such as democracy through classroom discussions and research. Feel free to have a listen to some student created Vokis which summarise this challenging concept.




In Mathematics we have started our unit in Measurement and Geometry in order to develop our geometric reasoning skills. It’s great to see the students applying their knowledge of angle size to find unknown angles in triangles and quadrilaterals. We are looking forward to exploring the construction of triangles and finding out what congruency is in the coming weeks. Why not check out the classroom hit song ‘Come On Angles, Don’t You Tango With Me’ to brush up on your own skills! Be warned, you might be singing about perpendicular lines for the next few days!


June 27, 2014
by laurapagram

Hooray for Holidays

It has been an action packed final week of Term Two and a wonderful wrap up to a fabulous first semester. Last Friday the Grade Sixes attended the Winter Sports Round Robin. There was energy, excitement, goals and runs a-plenty as the netball, soccer, football and tee-ball teams played against other schools in our district throughout the day. The encouragement, teamwork and sportsmanship displayed by everyone was a real highlight for all of the teachers. A special congratulations goes to the football, boys soccer and gold boys and girls teeball teams for making it through to the next stage of competition.

The opportunity for students to celebrate their achievements and learning with their families has been a real highlight for all of the teachers. Everyone has set some superb learning goals and habits of mind to focus on over the next semester and we cannot wait to see them put into action.

This weeks “World Cup” themed assembly was a fabulous celebration and a great chance for each class to support their country with their colourful outfits and great decorations. Similarly, our DEA Badge Assembly was a wonderful opportunity for students to share their movie masterpieces with each other and receive their gold Movie Making badges. Each student put in so much time and dedication into the planning scripting, filming and editing stages of developing their wonderful creations. This hard work has resulted in some truly magical cinema and some possible future careers as actors, directors and editors.

We all hope you have safe and relaxing holidays and we look forward to seeing everyone for the start of Term 3!

June 16, 2014
by laurapagram

Lights, Camera, Action!

We have commenced our filming project as part of the ‘going further’ component of our inquiry investigations and ‘Side by Side’ unit. We are still in the scripting stages of this process, but teams are working well and developing their scripts with the theme ‘acceptance’ in mind. We will be working on our ICT skills next week as all students work towards their gold ‘Movies’ badge in the Laburnum Digital Excellence Awards program. It is certain to be a busy week ahead as the students prepare to film and edit their masterpieces.

In the last week of school will have our DEA Assembly to aknowledge the achievements of everyone for their co-operation, teamwork and time management to write, direct and produce some fantastic and Oscar-worthy films. The Assembly will run from 2:20pm till 3:20pm in the school hall on Wednesday 25th June. Parents are encouraged to attend and celebrate the Grade Sixes success so we hope to see you there!

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