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November 21, 2014
by laurapagram

Market Week Preparations

Our market week preparations are well underway and we are all looking forward to launching our stalls next Tuesday. We have been learning about economics and business and exploring ways that people make decisions to buy things. Additionally, we have been learning why businesses exist and what goods and services they provide. We have had intriguing discussions about needs and wants and even thought about how clever marketing can make us think we ‘need’ something, when really it is just a want. We have looked at budgeting and how keeping track of our money helps us plan for the future. Wish us the best of luck of next week!

Market Week Timetable:

Tuesday 25th November – Grade 1 and 2

Wednesday 26th Nov – Grade 3 and 4

Thursday 27th Nov – Grade 5

Friday 28th Nov – Prep

October 23, 2014
by laurapagram

Dance Like No One’s Watching

Dance     Hip Hop1

Just Dance! “Hip Hop-meets-Grade 6” began with a bang at assembly on Tuesday morning where the entire school performed the ‘Cha Cha Slide’, stomping their feet and wiggling their hips with enormous smiles on their faces. The dancing didn’t end there. All six classes joined together for a special hip hop session during the day in the hall, busting their moves to different tunes. It certainly was a lot of fun.

Poetry has begun in Grade 6 with ballads, limericks and free verse the order of the day. Rhyme battles have broken out across the classes as we learn more about different types of poems and their features.


How many kids can uncomfortably fit in one meter cube? Plenty is what our classes have found out. After we have worked tirelessly to find the area and perimeter of shapes (some odd shapes too!) we turned our attention to volume. Making 1m3 out of rolled up newspaper gave us a great insight into how big 1m3 actually is.  How many times could this 1m3 fit in Mr. Quilty’s class? About 145 is the answer. So if we could fit a max of 5 students from a class in cube we could almost pile the entire school in one classroom stacked on top of each other!

October 17, 2014
by laurapagram

What on Earth?

With a whirlwind Term 4 well underway, our Inquiry investigations have hit the ground running. We have made some earthshattering discoveries during our investigations into some of the significant natural processes that operate across Australia (for example, rainfall, drought, flood, earthquake, cyclones and bushfire), and how people react to them, including their preparation for, and management of, natural disasters. Earthquakes have been our main focus over the past week and it has been wonderful to see students engaged in discussions about continental drift, tectonic plate movement, the Ring of Fire and seismic activity. This unit is designed around five key focus questions;

  1. What weather conditions and geological changes can affect the Earth?
  2. What are the relationships between tectonic plate movement and earthquake activity?
  3. Are earthquakes predictable?
  4. How can changes to the Earth’s surface be measured by the effect on humans?
  5. How can changes to the Earth’s surface be measured by mathematical logs?

It would be great if families could keep an eye out for evidence relating to these key concepts in the media and bring snippets into class for discussion. In the meantime, why not refresh your understanding of the Richter Scale by watching Bill Nye the Science Guy explain earthquake magnitude and tracking earthquakes just like your kids! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1qbg7orb1lc

A friendly reminder that all Grade 6 Art posters are due next Friday 24th October.

nd.photo 1

ndphoto 1 (2)

ndphoto 2 (2)

ndphoto 4

October 10, 2014
by laurapagram

Welcome Back to Term Four!

Welcome back to our fun, exciting and very busy Term 4. We cannot believe that this is going to be our last one at LPS!

We began the term with some fantastic transition activities. Those of us enrolled at Box Hill High School attended the school while the rest of us completed similar tasks at Laburnum. We all learnt how to read secondary school timetables that include subject codes, room numbers and teacher initials. We discussed the benefits of colour coding subjects to help with our organisation. An excellent suggestion made at Box Hill was to match the colour of your books to the colour of the subject on your timetable. We also revised the importance of organisation and diary use as there is a great deal of information to remember in high school! Students that visited Box Hill also participated in an interesting Geography lesson and an exciting P.E. lesson. Those at LPS had a fabulous time learning how to tie a tie. In fact, it was so much fun that many of us didn’t want to take them off! Maybe we should make ties part of the Laburnum uniform?!


We have also begun learning about Earthquakes for our inquiry topic. This term we will be discovering where the tectonic plates are, what causes continental drift and the different types and magnitudes of earthquakes that can occur around the world.

In Maths we have begun exploring area and perimeter. We measured different parts of the basketball court and have applied different formulas to work out the area and perimeter of different shapes. We will be learning more formulas and why they are used to calculate the correct answer in upcoming lessons.





A reminder that the Grade Six Levy Notice is due on Monday 13th October.

Make sure that you stay tuned for all of the upcoming events in what will be an action packed final term!

September 12, 2014
by laurapagram

Get caught up in our creative web… design!

This term the Grade Sixes have been improving their techno-wizardry and learning how to create websites for their next DEA badge. Through learning about Weebly, the students have found out all about how to link pages, embed voki’s, YouTube clips, Adobe Voice clips and Wordles,  as well as create quizzes and blog sections. The topic of investigation has been types of government. Students have been researching and publishing everything there is to know about Democracy, Republics, Communism, Socialism, Monarchy, Theocracy, Totalitarianism and Dictatorships. Each website has been designed with the distinctive personal aesthetic of each group in mind, and as such has delivered a wide range of very appealing and user friendly websites.

They will all decide as a class which ones will be shown to the whole grade level at the DEA Assembly. All the teachers are thoroughly looking forward to seeing the finished products and learning about all the amazing things the students have found out about creating websites. We would encourage you to ask your child for their web address so you can log on and have a look!



In the last week of school will have our DEA Assembly to aknowledge the achievements of everyone for their research skills, creativity and teamwork in developing, designing and producing some very informative web pages about the different types of government as the Grade Sixes work towrads their gold web design badges. The Assembly start at 2:30pm in the Staff Room on Tuesday 16th Septemeber. Parents are encouraged to attend and celebrate the Grade Sixes success so we hope to see you there!

August 29, 2014
by laurapagram

Laburnum Primary Passport Night and Persuasive Texts

Wednesday night was a great success with many parents coming into Laburnum for our first ever Passport Night in celebration of Literacy, Numeracy and Science Week. Parents navigated their way around the school with a map in one hand and passport in the other. Their ‘learning journey’ ranged from ball handling skills to B-Pay.

One session that proved to be particularly valuable for the Year 6 parents was based around persuasive texts. The Year 6 students have been working hard on their expositions over the past few weeks. It has been wonderful to see strategies and language from the James Ferguson staff P.D. earlier in the year coming to life in students writing. Do you know what a Macro Statement is? I’m sure your child will!

Have a look at some of the impressive pieces completed by Ellie and Josh on the ever controversial topic ‘Should Children Have Mobile Phones’.

A word of caution, there are powerful persuasive techniques hidden within, do you dare take a read?

Students Should Have Mobile Phones EXPOSITIONS

August 29, 2014
by laurapagram


Our classroom debates are in full swing after countless hours of preparation. It took us all some time to get our heads around the formal debating process, including the role of each speaker, but we got there in the end and our classroom debates have been a huge enormous success.

Some debate topics covered in class:

  • Should all streets have an additional lane for trucks and emergency services?
  • Should all primary aged children receive homework regularly?
  • Should students wear school uniform?
  • Should all students receive an allowance?
  • Does society have to big a focus on sport?

It was wonderful to watch students draw on their understandings of expositions to formulate persuasive arguments. High modality verbs and adverbs, rhetorical questions and backing up statements with evidence, these debates were of a very high standard and left the audience in a pickle about who to present with the ‘best debator’ award.

August 29, 2014
by laurapagram

Web Designing for DEA

This term as part of our Digital Excellence Awards the Grade Sixes are working towards their gold web design badges. Using weebly we will create websites to share information about different government styles that are used around the world.

To achieve their gold badge students will need to show that they can:

  •  Add a mini page or gallery to my webpage to allow for multiple images or text on a page
  • Add at least three buttons to my webpage which link to other pages within my webpage
  • Add at least three links within my webpage which link to other webpages outside my webpage
  • Put my button and links in appropriate areas of my webpage that are easy to see and use
  • Upload my own music, movie and document to my webpage where it can be viewed by others
  • Create a webpage that is neat, easy to navigate and appropriate for its purpose
This term for Digital Excellence Awards we would love to involve you and give you the opportunity to share the learning with your child. We have provided the I can statements that the students must achieve in order to be awarded their badge.

The teachers and ICT leaders work with the students to teach them the I can statements and at home your child can show you what they have learnt. You can then change the traffic lights from red to orange, once they have shared their learning with you.

August 22, 2014
by laurapagram

LPS Passport Night

As part of our celebration of Literacy, Numeracy and Science Week, parents are invited to attend the LPS Passport Night on Wednesday August 27th. This is a special information evening where parents undertake a ‘learning journey’ through a variety of sessions of particular interest to them.

These sessions will familiarise you with the language used to explain topics and provide you with strategies and helpful hints on how you can support your child with various aspects of school life.

The evening will begin at 7:15pm in the library where, during our introductory session, you receive a passport and map and select four sessions to attend from the options listed in the attachment below. Each session will go for 12 minutes and the evening will conclude at 8:30pm. At each session on your ‘learning journey’ your passport will be stamped and you will have the opportunity to go into the draw from some fabulous prizes.

We look forward to seeing you on the night!

Laburnum Passport Night Sessions

August 1, 2014
by laurapagram

LPS Passport Open Night

Laburnum Primary School will be opening up the school on the evening of Wednesday 27th August 2014 to give parents an insight into the many facets of their child’s learning. There will be a variety of educational sessions covering topics such as horizontal to vertical multiplication, homework, time management, study habits and parental support, school planning documents, team planning and AusVELS, Digital Excellence program (DEA), Cybersafety, Early Years Literacy, persuasive writing development as part of the school’s strategic plan, PE (Ball catching manipulation and connection to curriculum) Science and even how to use BPay.

These topics will give you an insight into the “what” and the “how” of many aspects of learning that your child encounters in the course of a day at Laburnum Primary School.

You will need to collect your passport and choose your four 12 minute topic sessions and then head to the first session. From there you will have your passport stamped ready to move on to your next session. Once your passport has collected four stamps you can put it into the draw for some AMAZING LPS prizes!

WOW what an incredible opportunity to take advantage of! Come along and join in, we would love to see you be a part of Literacy, Numeracy and Science Week at LPS.

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