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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

September 9, 2014 by laurapagram | 0 comments

The ‘ALS Ice Bucket Challenge’ has sparked a lot of interest worldwide. Why would someone possibly want to have a bucket of cold ice poured over them? After students in Grade 6 discovered the internet craze was to raise awareness for motor neurone disease Mrs de Villa, Miss Pagram and Mr Quilty decided to take up the challenge not only to learn about motor neurone disease and how it affects the central nervous system but also have freezing cold water poured over them to promote the cause.

So what is motor neurone disease anyway?

ALS, also known as motor neurone disease affects many people and unfortunately there still isn’t a cure. Inside your body their cells called motor neurone cells, these cells send messages to your muscles telling you to breathe swallow and move. When you have motor neurone disease those cells start to die and they stop sending messages to your muscles, this can lead to being paralysed and you can end up dying because you can’t send messages to your muscles telling you to breathe. The ALS ice bucket challenge is a great way to raise money and awareness  for a cure for motor neurone disease.


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