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Year 6 Jackets Update

The Year 6 teachers are aware of some disappointment caused by the delay in receiving the Year 6 jackets. We remain in contact with Surrey Clothing to ensure that the jackets arrive ASAP.

With made to order production, there is a risk that something may affect the ordering and purchasing process.

In this case, there was an issue with the “standard” bottle green fabric that is used for a variety of school garments.

Although there is always fabric available, the fabric in stock had to be reordered due to a problem with the dye. Surrey Clothing decided the fabric was unacceptable.

We apologise for the delay, which is beyond the school’s control. We have been advised to expect that the jackets should arrive this week.

Kathy Verbi

Leading Teacher Wellbeing

Laburnum Primary School

Janet Street, Blackburn 3130

T: (03) 9898 5811|

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