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Fri 12 May Parents/Carers return Application for Year 7 Placement forms to primary schools by this date. Primary Schools are responsible for checking that the form is complete and that the parent’s/carer’s choice is clear.
Thurs 10 Aug Parents/Carers may commence lodging non-placement appeals with secondary schools.

Secondary schools may from this day distribute enrolment, orientation, and any other transition, information to parents/carers of future Year 7 students.

Fri 18Aug Closing date for parents/carers to lodge a non-placement appeal with secondary schools.
Fri 1 Sep Secondary schools notify all parents/carers who have lodged a non-placement appeal with an outcome by this date.
Fri 8 Sep Closing date for parents/carers to lodge a non-placement appeal with the Regional Director where they are unsuccessful with their appeal to the secondary school.
Tue 12 Dec Secondary schools host an Orientation Day for Year 6 students.
Ongoing Secondary schools should accommodate parents/carers who change their mind and/or permanent residential address.

  • Changes may be made up until the last day of Term 4 and there may be both new placement applications and other changes over the Christmas/New Year holidays, including new arrivals from within Victoria, interstate or overseas, and from non-government schools.
  • In a situation where a parent/carer changes from the allocated secondary school, the newly selected secondary school is required to notify the originally allocated secondary school and primary school (where relevant) in order for records to be adjusted.



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