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Day 3 at Valley Homestead



Today we had a lovely breakfast and headed out to the final rotation activities.  It was great to see students overcoming fears and trying new things.  Some students managed their first abseil.  Others found that they could confidently ride a bike for 10km.  It was still a favorite to ride the flying fox.  After morning tea we all got ready for our trip to the Ovens River in Porepunkah for our raft building activity.  Students were put in groups of 8 to build a raft for a race against the other teams.  After lunch students took turns to pump up three truck sized inner tubes.  This was harder than they thought!  They then took the ropes and planks they were given and designed a raft for the race.  Some designed a raft with the tubes underneath.  Others weaved their ropes to make it sturdy.  One team even made a triangular raft with their inner tubes, ropes and planks!  Then they were ready to race around the floats in the water.  Off they went…. some were successful, some discovered their design was not as strong as they thought!  It was lot of fun in the sun.  Afterwards we came back for some quiet time at camp followed by a lovely roast dinner.


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