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Day 2 at Valley Homestead


Today was an action packed day.  Breakfast was delicious and definitely a hit with the students.  We got into our activity groups and headed off to the day’s rotations.  One activity was to ride bikes along the rail trail through beautiful farmland.  It was very flat thankfully.  This was good as many of the children had to practice using back-pedal brakes.  Another activity was abseiling.  Having done this in Year 5 many of the students found this a great experience again.  The double flying fox was “awesome” according to the kids.  One child said after getting off it, “this is the best camp ever”.    The vertical drop slide was similar to the one at Questacon in Canberra and was a great challenge.  Most gave it a go.  Students used several other flying foxes to make their way across the aerial obstacle course all completed without touching the ground.  Lunch was a fantastic salad or roll option with lots of choices.  The afternoon saw more activity rotations and an opportunity to have some free time.  During free time some played tennis, footy, cards and others did yoga or just talked with newly made friends.  The campers are looking forward to raft building tomorrow.

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