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Day 1 at Valley Homestead


After a relaxing bus trip, we arrived in Euroa for morning tea on Tuesday.  The sun had broken through the early morning mist to reveal a beautiful day. Another short bus ride took us to Myrtleford where we again disembarked for a lovely sunny lunch in the park.  Only 5 mins more to the campsite where we met Rhonda who showed us around and explained how things worked.  The children settled happily into their bunk rooms and then we set off as a big group to the afternoon initiative activities. These included”force field”, a blindfolded trust walk, climbing & balancing activities and  some teamwork tasks.  Dinner was a delicious spaghetti bolognese and apple crumble. Mark and Frog led a great bush dance.  The boys and girls even danced as partners!  Milo before bed and the kids settled quickly down to sleep.


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